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Who is Launch 360 Media?

Launch 360 Media, Inc. is an international media platform with programming channels reaching an audience of almost 90 million viewers in North and South America and Europe. Our focus is to showcase diversity through programs that feature multi-cultural content.



L360TV will launch our viewers into an enjoyable sensation for the eyes that will reach down into ones soul, grab a hold and send electrifying pulses of visual stimulation. 

L360TV is here to give a global window into the lifestyles of different cultures through humoristic, dramatic, superstitiously, horrorifiable, gut-wrenching, inspirational, fashionistic, heart throbbing, soul searching and sometimes even reality-based TV shows and movies that will keep everyone wondering what we will be up to next.

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R&RTV - Resorts & Recreations Television is a way of life entertainment & transactional network for consumer passions in work & leisure time activities with key focus on North America Lifestyle within the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Latin America Culture.

R&RTV centers on indoor and outdoor lifestyles programming of destinations, on land, water, or air. Recreation sports to competition sports, waterfront vacation resorts, sailing, yachting, fishing, hunting, island life, leisure activities, luxury excursions, adventure travel, and divine cuisines are some of the destination overviews from the North America Lifestyles and beyond.

Our Team



An enterprising businesswoman, Van Shotwell bridged the divide from being a simple hair salon owner to being a skilled makeup artist and hairstylist in Houston. As a sales and product educator for hair care product manufacturer Sebastian International, Van has honed her own skills at public speaking as well. Her attention to client detail and genuine love to help others achieve their dreams, made the switch from hair stylist to talent manager an easy transition.

Van’s extensive behind-the-scenes network within the entertainment industry over the past 25 years has earned her the trust of local, regional, national and international models, actors, producers, directors and screenwriters seeking personalized representation. She gained momentum in the entertainment industry when her company Forte’ Talent Management was acquired by DKM Management. Van went on to help create a new company, Duke and Sterling, with a few of her partners from DKM Management. Duke and Sterling manages the in-front and behind-the-camera business of a very select group of producers, directors, actors and writers.

Van has been involved with the Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival since her college school project in 2010. Fascinated by the Indie film community, she volunteered her services to help create branding and promoting via social media and hands on involvement with sales, technical set up for screening of films, presentation of awards and in 2016, the honor of being the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Van’s talents are not confined to operating behind-the-scenes. This talented woman created "Aluzions - A Performance Company" in 1986 where she was both principal choreographer and on-stage performer. Her performance company won the 1989 Sammy Awards for 'Best Dance Group'. The group also performed for various charity organization events such as SPCA and Special Olympics. Seeking to provide a much needed source of inspiration for youth performers, Van created "Kidz Crew 2000"; a kid’s dance group that performed at local malls and events. Her love for dancing and performing started when she was a professional cheerleader for the Houston Gamblers and the Houston Oilers, and performed in front of huge crowds and small gatherings to promote each respective team.

As with everything that Van sets her mind to do, she excels and moves upward and forward always reaching for new goals and accomplishments. Van mentored under Jimmie Wheeler for three years before making the transition to head up Launch 360 Media, Inc.

Van Shotwell holds a BA in Communication from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Van is also bi-lingual, she fluently speaks Vietnamese. 



Mr. Wheeler was an investment banker/investment adviser on Wall Street and has over twenty years of experience as an investment banker/investment adviser. Mr. Wheeler helped orchestrate numerous monumental mergers, acquisitions and leverage buyouts in the oil, gas, entertainment, banking, real estate and gaming (casino) industry from the 1980's through 2000's. 

While in the gaming industry, he collaborated in writing the Gaming Laws in the State of Mississippi. Later he assisted in using his area of expertise in developing the gaming (casino) industry in Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Mr. Wheeler successfully helped coordinate the tremendous banking merger in "2004" with JP Morgan Chase in acquiring Bank One of Chicago (See reference letters). JP Morgan Chase is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world today. From 1998-2010, Mr. Wheeler was a real estate developer in the state of Texas, California, Nevada and Ohio.

Mr. Wheeler engaged in working with many unknown then successful, athletes and entertainers. He has been fortunate to collaborate with Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield and many more professional boxers in the industry. In the music industry, he worked and collaborated with artists such as: Sammy Davis Jr., Jay Z, Destiny's Child and other entertainers. 

In the entertainment and business arena, Mr. Wheeler has handled sponsorship’s, currency exchange, investment banking in the Caribbean, South American countries and worldwide negotiations of financial affairs for many athletes, entertainers and major corporations.

Jimmie "Big Wheel" Wheeler is a proud graduate from the University of Houston where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and a Master in Business Administration in Finance.  

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Bill Kerby has over 27 years of experience in the travel and media industries, preceded by 10 years of experience in financial industry. Key milestones include the founding of one of the largest video creation companies in the North American real estate industry; R&R Television Network, with distribution into 34 million households; TravelByUs, a small-cap NASDAQ company that completed 21 travel industry-related acquisitions; and Leisure Canada, with 210 agencies, international tour operations in Great Britain, France, South Africa and the South Pacific, travel magazines and a Cuban hotel development. Prior to this he held and operated the master franchise for Thrifty Car Rental – B.C. Kerby holds a Specialized Honors Economics Degree York University.

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